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Animated Online Marketing Campaign

January 12th, 2011

Animated Online Marketing Campaign
The goal of a marketing campaign is simple: to turn potential customers into paying customers. An online marketing campaign is no different and can be extremely beneficial for companies looking to reach a global audience.

An online marketing campaign may be completely different from any other campaign being run by a company, because the online interaction with the company may have a completely different set of user demographics to target. Animation is a simple solution to creating an online marketing campaign that will peak the interests of each of the targeted user groups. Through the use of animation there is an opportunity to create and run several different marketing campaigns to target different demographics.

Animations allow for easy adaptation of other languages in order to appeal to consumers in many countries. A short, adventure-packed animation can help to arouse people’s interest in learning more about the company and the message being sent. When using a trial and error method with a marketing campaign, unsure about what will convert and what will not, marketers are quickly turning to animation because of the low cost and the ease of changes.

“People retain information at an almost doubled rate when they are engaged by both sight and sound at the same time.”

Researchers at Boston University conducted research showing that people retain information at an almost doubled rate when they are engaged by both sight and sound at the same time. A successful marketing campaign is often more than just a catchy slogan, or a celebrity. To be successful, the marketing campaign must engage the audience in such a way that the audience will remember the company.

Animation is visually and audibly engaging to an audience and will clearly, concisely and effectively get your company’s message across.

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