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Famous 3D Animations

January 18th, 2011

The use of 3D animation allows animators to bring their projects to life. By utilizing a procedure known as rigging, animators can create skeletal structure that is digital in nature that enables the control or manipulation of a mesh. This gives birth to animation that appears to be true to our visionary expectations. This process is widely utilized today in Hollywood for motion picture visual effects. The process allows you to see more than a flat animated appearance. The viewer will see all the dimensions and the depth will be comparable to what is seen in real time.

Belka And Strelka
Belka and Strelka is a 3D animated production developed by the Centre of National Film in Russia. This film was produced just last year in 2010. Back in 1960, a half century ago, the Russians sent two dogs on the journey of their life. They got a free ride into space in a project designed to ensure that human cosmonauts would be able to survive with the life support systems available. The dogs survived the journey and this 3D animated film is a tribute to their story.

Antz is a 3D animated feature that was released in 1998 starring some of the most famous actors in Hollywood. One of the alluring factors surrounding this film was that you could see comparable facial characteristics in the characters these actors lent their voices too. Developed by DreamWorks Antz was the first animated film produced by the media giant. The film was very well received and went on to earn over 172 million dollars. Antz won numerous awards for visual effects and editing in an animated feature.

The interesting thing about this 3D animated film is that it became the first one to be issued the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2001. Of course numerous outstanding movie stars lent their voices to this project led by Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, and Eddie Murphy. The animated film was based around a loveable ogre, a pesky donkey, and of course a princess. The film won audiences over and went on to earn 485 million dollars worldwide.

Monsters, Inc
Monsters, Inc also found its way to theatres in 2001. This 3D animated feature would end of grossing over 585 million dollars world wide. Developed by Pixar Animation and displaying voices by the likes of Billy Crystal and John Goodman, this film was an instant hit.

Many have compared Avatar as the holy grail of 3D animation. This film represents what 3D animation has become with modern technology. It is the highest grossing film of all time earning over 2.8 billion dollars. The success has been mind blowing and it leaves the bright future of 3D animation wide open.

Summary of Famous 3D Animations
Although these are all famous 3D animations it should be said that we have only scratched the surface here. There are famous 3D animations in commercials, web series and numerous other animation projects. The 3D animation process has opened our eyes visually and we are drawn forever to the possibilities it presents.

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