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Sell Products and Services Using 3D Animation

January 13th, 2011

Sell Products and Services Using 3D Animation

Animation is considered to be an extremely versatile marketing tool businesses can use to increase sales for a specific product or service.  Because animation is considered more of a new media tool, many traditional marketers are not familiar with the possibilities available. Used effectively, animation is capable of demonstrating a product in order to get consumers to purchase it. The main benefits and applications of animation with the intent to sell a product or service are listed below:

3D Animation Benefits:

- The demonstration of a product is simplified.
- An upscale feel of a product or service can be created, justifying the demand for a premium price.
- Animation can make a product or service seem more attractive or sexy, while enhancing the value perceived by the audience.
- The addition of graphics and animation can give an otherwise boring presentation a visually stimulating boost.
- Boring information and data can be dramatized.
- With animation, just about anything can be made to appear to be cutting edge and state of the art.
- There are fewer limits with animation compared to live shots.

3D Animation Applications:

- Demonstrate how a product or service can be applied to a specific problem.
- Reveal the internal components of a complex product.
- Take a potential client on a tour of a facility or property using a 3D animation.
- Show how a product will interact with customers.
- Explain how an extremely complex system will work through animated sequences and diagrams.
- Showcase a product or facility that has not yet been built.
- Show consecutive operations of a system of assembly line.
- Demonstrate a variation of negative scenarios that can be resolved using the product or service.
- Zoom to explain a microscopic detail of a product or its component.
- Show each stage of the planned development of a product.
- Demonstrate how a product will interact with the human body without actually demonstrating it on a live human body.

Animation is the perfect solution for a business looking to enhance a presentation to market a product or service.

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