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Houston Animation: Types of Animation

July 6th, 2010

Houston Animation: Types of Animation

Animation is the repeated display of sequenced images in a rapid manner, creating the illusion of motion. Drawings depicting motion have been around since the Egyptians, however, animation as we know it was not created until the advent of film making.

Houston Animation Examples

There are three primary types of animation:

1. Cel Animation.

Famous types of cell animation are; 1. The simpsons, 2. Family Guy, and 3. Futurama. The drawings are made on celluloid paper which is transparent and they are laid on top of one another to combine characters and backgrounds.

Houston Animation Cel Example

2. Stop-Motion Animation
Stop motion is created by taking multiple ‘shots’ of a model or puppet in sequence and then run together. The tiny changes make it appear as a smooth motion. Clay animation is a type of stop motion animation and was first made popular with the creation of the cartoon Gumby.  While stop motion is not used as widely now, it was used in the popular MTV series, “Celebrity Death Match”.

Houston Animation Clay example.

3. Computer Animation

Computer animation is becoming more and more popular as computer rendering improves. There are two primary types of computer animation; 1. 2d animation, and 2. 3d animation. 3d animation has become very popular over the last few years as movie studios have begun creating movies in 3d.

Houston Animation 3d Example UP

How Houston Animation Can Help You

1. Create professional and captivating presentation materials.
2. Increase sales conversions.
3. Increase the length of web site visits.
4. Turn boring data/material into an exciting presentation.
5. Easily explain complex data and processes.

Types of Animation offered by Houston Animation

1. 2d Animation
2. 3d Animation
3. Flash Animation

Our animation services can be tailored to meet your companies objectives. Animation can be a powerful tool for increasing company revenue by allowing salespeople and company media better explain the product offering in a compelling manner.

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